Guillaume Lanier

The work of colors, the poetry of smells, respect for biodiversity, these are the values ​​that are passed down from father to son at Martin Fleurs. Centennial boutique located in the city center of Nice, Guillaume Lanier took over the management there 3 years ago.

Guillaume Lanier trained in floral art from a very early age, first by observing his father at work, then in a prestigious Swiss school, and by practicing abroad, notably in Brussels with Thierry Boutemy.

Inspired by Flemish painting, photography and the beauty of raw landscapes, Guillaume masters a personal and artistic approach to the bouquet, working with a non-academic style, close to nature, which has become his signature.

Constantly evolving and attentive to new trends, Guillaume intends to bring new surprises to Martin Fleurs, while striving to preserve the historic spirit of the house: fresh flowers, seasonal and from the region.